Ultimate Xeon budget PC on Battlefield 1 Open beta

I did a comparison between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 on the W3670 potato masher, I recorded with no compression so framerate loss wasn’t that bad but still lost somewhere between 5-12 fps.

From my own experience I’d say that DX12 probably had the higher framerates, at least when not recording. But gameplay on DirectX 11 felt much smoother, I felt there was a bit of input lag on DirectX 12. Obviously input lag is not acceptable in an FPS.

From our tests I’d say that this game is extremely well optimized for GPU but at the same time really heavy on the CPU. Since there’s a lot of players and buildings collapsing etcetera it’s hard to say if its bad optimization or just so much going on that its actually reasonable to be this CPU intensive.

DirectX 11 Video:

DirectX 12 Video:

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