Anthem Tweak Guide – Best Settings to increase your FPS

Biowares new game Anthem is finally here! Is your computer struggling to run it well? Dont worry, we got you covered!

I wont go through the basic ingame graphic settings here, but obviously lower graphics equals more FPS, unless your CPU is throttling in which case the solution is at the bottom of this article.

These are the best simple tweaks available for the game, just add these in two minutes and you will have a much better Anthem experience!

These settings increased my FPS from ~40 to 60 stable!

Lets get to it!

Classic Origin trick For lower Origin CPU Usage:

  • Start Origin and then start the game
  • Tab out
  • Open the Origin Application Settings
  • Leave the Origin Application Settings screen open in the background/your other screen
  • Thats it. This will lower your origin CPU usage by 25-30%(More available power for the game = more FPS)

Anthem – Lower Resolution Scale

This makes the game automatically lowers texture quality when its struggling to hold a high FPS

Go to ”Documents\BioWare\Anthem\settings” and then open profileoptions_profile with notepad and add these lines:

GstRender.ResolutionScale 0.800000

GstRender.ResolutionScaleMode 0.80 = 85 percent scale, which is barely noticeably on 1440p.”

Note: You can set this number anywhere between 60-100, lower is uglier but higher FPS

Nvidia settings for high FPS in Anthem

in your nvidia geforce control panel (not geforce experience) go to

  • manage 3d settings. program settings tab. choose anthem.
  • texture filtering – trilinear optimization On
  • texture filtering quality – Performance
  • texture filtering anisotropic sample optimization ON
  • power management mode – Prefer maximum performance.

You can also try to set Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames to 2(This slightly increases input lag but also increases FPS)

General Game Tweaking Pro Tip

Are you playing on a low end processor but an OK graphics card? Then you might actually get MORE FPS if you set your texture quality higher, and a better looking game. Use a FPS meter and try it out.(This is because your CPU load might be 100% and when u increase the graphics quality the Graphics card will offload the CPU)

Thats it! Do you have any more tweaks to add to this list? Did it help you? Post a comment and share it with your friends!


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